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About Us


Kernel System is a global leading provider of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions designed to help companies access, manage, integrate, and secure any information--structured, semi-structured, and unstructured--within a single, platform-independent, uniform solution.

With the recognition that enterprise data assets are largely locked up either in data silos or paper (and other unstructured) documents, we foresaw convergence occurring between enterprise content management, business process management, enterprise content integration, and enterprise information integration.

By creating a powerful new EIM solution, the company's applications and solutions simplify the complexities inherent in managing and integrating enterprise information. Our solutions are fully integrated and modular, enabling staged deployment with low capital risks.

By enabling existing business applications with our embeddable services or complete solutions, the enterprise can benefit from unprecedented speed, efficiency and reliability while maintaining the security required by organizations today.

Kernel System is a privately-held corporation founded in 1989.


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